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Require users to read and accept legal terms and conditions when using Bluemix Dedicated

As a Bluemix Dedicated customer I want to require users to read and accept legal terms and conditions when using our Bluemix region.

To reduce the risk of data being stolen, malicious files being uploaded, inappropriate use of the system, etc., owners of a Bluemix Dedicated region may want to require users to read and accept terms and conditions prior to accessing the system.

The owner of a Dedicated region regularly hosts hackathons that are open to the public. They want to enforce acceptance of their terms and conditions before allowing attendees to use their system.

For console logins, one method for integrating the feature with Bluemix without changing the implementation of Bluemix is for the owners of the environment to customize the login procedure themselves. If they are using an identify provider via SAML, they can add a screen on the identity provider side. However, login services may be used by multiple applications and customizing a login for Bluemix could be prohibitive.

Alternate methods, such as requiring users to sign a paper or electronic document, will work, but they must be managed separately from the Bluemix Dedicated environment.

Integrating the terms and conditions with the Bluemix environment provides a streamlined experience, assurance that everyone using the system has accepted the terms and conditions, and includes an audit trail to prove it.

The amount of usage will vary depending on the size of the Bluemix community. For example, if users are required to log in once each day then it would be used once per day for each person that uses the system on a given day. If users are required to log in after a period of idle time (e.g., 2 hours) then it could be used many times in one day by each member of the community.

  • Russell Wright
  • Aug 23 2016
  • Closed
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  • ANANDA DEBNATH commented
    4 Jan, 2018 06:55pm

    This can be enabled by customers that opt SAML based authentication for their IBM Cloud Dedicated environments.

    Moving this to the IAM team to close as per their SAML plans.

  • ANANDA DEBNATH commented
    19 Feb, 2017 03:08am

    Russell - would you please comment on:

    1. What customers need this today
    2. How they are currently working around it?
    3. What has the actual frequency of needing this been since customers have taken delivery of their environments?
  • Tim Brantner commented
    23 Aug, 2016 03:13am

    Thank you Russell for submitting this requirement and doing such a good job with adding the right amount of detail. We will be reviewing this requirement with the right teams and will come back with a decision to accept or not (with reasons either way). If accepted, we will be updating UserVoice as it moves through our requirements process. Thanks again for submitting.

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