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project Diomides all information ever wrriten said or even thought in various languages or evn alien forms of communication(the last is allittle farfeched but bare with me ad you will see what i mean)

it is a simple algorithm but the calculations that can be produced based on mathematical variations  (pithanotites is the greek mathematical term i time space past here and know and maybe even future althought  this migh be imposible due to unkown variable inserted to the program what im talking about is a search engine for any information in the universe limited though to our knowledge so far a) produced from a point on could be infinite as our world and universe is the program is based on the mathematical ability of the greek alphabet arithmology a pseudosience for some proven scince for many from a point on the algoritmh will produce almost infinite combinations of information leading to the confirmation of past events or even the prediction of future events although this could be dangerous or even imposible due to unkown variables as i mentioned before the project diomides will be able to produce anything that has ever been said wrriten  or even thought a supercomputer will be needed so the program can run without crashing and the  program in combination to an ai machine pff jieez i dont know things could get out of hand..i would peresnaly benefit only to see my idea manifested as i dont have the programing skills or evebn if i did the program would crash probapbly ...have you seen the movie pi well im talking about something  like what he guy was looking for  hours or days of analysis maybe needed to make sense from what the program will me for further information...

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  • Aug 8 2019
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