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Top performance

Current situation. At the moment the sport soccer boxes lose 12 million dollars a year by injuries. This really inspired us!

We created the first worldwide patent that prevents injuries, and monitors fatigue and energy in real time. If in real time, it is not a software like Microsoft uses!

We go in parts, when a muscle injury occurs, in simple terms when the lactate level exceeds a critical threshold the muscle can suffer a tear. An ugly injury in football! And hurts!!

We innovate in a very simple and especially cheap solution for mass production.

It is the monitoring in real time with the values ​​of the organism of the player.


Why is it so important to measure your energy?

Simple, we improve the performance and can win games.

Let's summarize it, measuring energy in real time, we deduce in the exact moment when a player can give his maximum performance, or run in a goal play

If we see that the player is fatigued, we decrease his physical load until he is as good as new!


What benefits you this?

First Ibm would be the only company that solves this problem, a problem that until 2030 was not believed to stop sports injuries

We, if you buy the patent, resolve it in 2018 !!! Record time

In terms of image, IBM would position itself in the football industry, in addition to that sports team would not want to put their logo if they save 12 million dollars!


And obviously it shows that the software of companies like Microsoft do not work! Why they keep hurting :) 

The final question is when do we know each other?

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  • Sep 19 2018
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