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Show SL block storage LUN serial numbers in customer portal and/or in IMS

When customers, particularly VMware administrators, deploy SL block storage LUNs (with names like IBM##SEL#######_###) and set them up as iSCSI volumes in ESXi, of course the ESXi volume name looks like naa.600a098038303747322449756872716a .  Since we know the first 8 characters of the string are the vendor OUI, we know that the remaining characters, in this case 38303747322449756872716a, is the LUN serial number.  But there is no visibility in either the customer portal or in IMS to show a mapping between the IBMSEL##etc block storage LUN ID and its serial number.  This means that determining which ESXi naa. iSCSI volume maps to which IBMSEL##etc block storage LUN, cannot be directly done and can only be determined via guesswork, trial-and-error, or by having IBM Cloud Support reach out to the Block Storage team to have them pull the LUN/s information so that we can provide the pairings of block storage LUN IDs and their serial numbers to customers.  The ask is to have the block storage LUNs show their serial numbers in the portal, in IMS, or both.

  • John Burke
  • Jun 7 2018
  • Future Backlog
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