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Bad error handling or cryptic messaging for expired accounts

Experience from a With Watson DE (Swami Chandrasekaran)

After a month, when the trial account expired, all sorts of issues started to come up. I could not provision any new Watson services and the error message was cryptic even for a geek. This included not being able to provision Watson Studio as well. Tried to engage with someone in the live chat and was of no use. Had to open a ticket again and still waiting for a response (Ticket #: CS0031224)
Missing account information for organization id: 2821a1eb-2ad6-4e98-afe3-7df292723dc1

- Guessing & sensing it could be because of the account not having a valid credit card (even though there were no alerts / messages in the web console), I went ahead and provided my personal credit card info. 

- After this I was and am able to provision services incl Watson Studio, but when I try to access the tooling from either IBM Cloud web console or directly from or, get cryptic message like "account is inactive". Here I'm scratching my head on what could be the reason my account is inactive, because I'm logged into IBM Cloud, able to provision services, have a valid payment method etc. Clicking on the "Reactivate" link in the error message, leads to a cyclic loop where the browser keeps spinning. (Ticket #: CS0031342)

So basically I'm stuck and not able to do anything useful with the subscription. I'm not sure how many others like myself have go thru and tried an experience like this end to end. If an IBMer like me who knows a small bit (I think) about IBM Cloud & Watson go thru an experience like this and have to open support tickets all along the way, I just can't fathom the experience non-IBMers without guidance go thru. The sad part is all the great work we do, gets basically front ended by an horrible experience like this.

  • Laksh Krishnamurthy
  • May 10 2018
  • Needs review
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