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Allow CF app custom domains to consume certs/keys stored in the IBM Certificate Manager

The process for uploading certs/keys to a CF custom domain is supported by both the UI (under manage orgs/domains) and the BX CLI (bx app domain-cert-add ...).  But that process is often the source of errors and requires that the consumer of the custom domain be given the cert/key files to upload (and some teams restrict access to these files).   


I've tested the differences in behavior and error checking between the cert upload process for a CF domain (UI and CLI) and that same process for the IBM Certificate Manager.  The IBM Certificate Manager does a few more checks on the cert/key data (preventing bad combos/expired certs). 


If the process of identifying and storing cert/key data for CF custom domains (which the UI/CLI does today to push them into the DataPower devices that support the custom domain request) were to allow us to point at a cert/key entry in an IBM Certificate Manager service instance created for the account, then you could allow reuse of certs from a single source (for other consumers, such as container-based apps) and CF apps and maybe even APIc.   This would also improve the client experience:

- a cert loaded is done;  configuring custom domains becomes easier as you just point at the existing cert already loaded.

- the IBM Certificate Manager UI is better at the load/check process

- the IBM Certificate Manager UI natively shows more information about the cert (when it expires) without having to open each individual cert that has been loaded.

  • Pat McCarthy
  • Apr 12 2018
  • Needs review
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