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Ehnancing the Bluemix Reporting feature

Its an enhancement of an existing feature at more deeper level  rather than a new feature.

Looking at the Bluemix Hierarchy 


  1. At top level we have SI Account.
  2. An Account contains multiple Organizations
  3. An Organization further contains multiple Spaces and these individual Spaces contains many applications and services which is charged individually.


In current scenarios Bluemix displays all the Usage Data max at Organization level, means its consolidates usage of all the spaces displays as consolidated result at Organization level.

There is no provision to capture the usage details at individual Space level as of now

So as current enhancement requirment.


  1. Bluemix should further drill down one level to capture usage data at Space level also, logically say one project/departments in assigned to one space, with this data at space level SI could charge back to individual projects/departments.
  2. In current scenario Bluemix do not capture third party services, SI's has to reach out to individual service provider for the usage.
  3. There is no provision to export the report in excel or pdf format to display some Graph elements(or any readable format) for quick look by the finance/management guys without digging in technical aspects, although usage data could be provided by support team at individual service but that's too huge to get a quick look.

So above are the three features which is to be required to be enhanced in the current usage dashboard in Bluemix.

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  • Apr 13 2017
  • Will not implement - Market demand
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  • Robert James commented
    April 17, 2017 14:49

    Bluemix is moving away from being Cloud Foundry centric and this feature is completely CF centric.  In other words, we are unlikely to implement reporting features that are focused on CF spaces.   What we do envision implementing at some point in the future is an ability to tag resource and get billing reports based on those user specified tags.

    Brian K. Martin
    IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • Admin
    Chris Stapleton commented
    July 04, 2018 00:50

    IBM Cloud is not solely based on the Cloud Foundry concept of Orgs/Spaces. As previously noted we will be investigating/adding other functionality in the future which better aligns with the mix of offerings available on the platform.

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