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Improve the new Bluemix console

The new console has bad design! it wastes so much of my screen and displays way less information than the current console.

About 1/3 of my screen width is wasted by empty space. Why?

Columns that display number of instances or amount of memory are super wide, yet, their content is between 1 and 4 digits. Why such wide columns for four digits?

What's the worse is that the name of the application, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THERE, is the shortest(narrow) column!

To sum it up, this new console makes me less productive, I hope the old console will stay around.

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  • Oct 14 2016
  • Will not implement - Market demand
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  • Admin
    Tim Brantner commented
    October 14, 2016 14:42

    Thanks for the idea Tomas.  I've assigned this to the owning OM to follow up, but your feedback is coming through loud an clear. What I'd like us to focus on is how to make the new console better (even if it is taking queues from our old console and re-implementing the most used features in the new console)

  • Jim Conallen commented
    October 21, 2016 17:00

    ditto...    way too much wasted space (especially vertical space, which is at a premium on this 13" macbook)

  • Douglas Rothert commented
    November 08, 2016 21:29

    Glad to receive the feedback on the console design. I will set up a meeting with design team and and Jim Conallen for additional feedback. 

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